Dialysis Offered On-Site at Apex Rehabilitation and Healthcare

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LindaWalck, RN, BSN, CNN, Regional Administrator of Dialyze Direct (left), and VickyShaw, LNHA, Administrator, Apex Rehabilitation and Healthcare, make finalpreparations for Apex to provide on-site dialysis to its residents using theDialyze Direct model.


Apex Rehabilitation and Healthcare in South Huntington has become the first facility of its kind in Suffolk County to provide on-site hemodialysis using home hemodialysis technology.

Partnering with Dialyze Direct, Apex is able to provide daily on-site dialysis treatments using the latest innovative technology which requires less time than traditional outpatient dialysis, reduces disruptions to patients’ daily schedules, eliminates the need for travel to outpatient dialysis centers, and offers superior clinical results.

In the past, patients who required dialysis were transported to free-standing dialysis centers for treatments lasting four or more hours, three days per week. Each treatment would typically require eight or nine hours of recovery time, resulting in three full days of missed rehabilitation, recreation, socialization and other activities.

The Dialyze Direct program at Apex uses home hemodialysis technology which permits patients to undergo dialysis up to five days per week. When dialysis is performed more frequently, the duration of each session is lessened. Recovery time is normally reduced to only 30 minutes, allowing patients to more fully participate in their daily activities. This becomes especially important for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation with the goal of regaining their functional independence.

“We’re very excited to provide dialysis services to our patients on site,” said Apex Executive Medical Director Anne Sacks-Berg, MD. “We don’t have to worry about sending them out or having them miss treatments because of bad weather, and we are able to provide greater continuity of care because our own clinicians are here to evaluate and treat patients should they require medical care during their dialysis session.”

Dialysis is a life-saving treatment for patients with end stage kidney disease. When the kidneys fail, dialysis is required to remove waste from the blood and maintain safe levels of certain blood chemicals such as potassium and sodium.

The new program aligns with Apex’ ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of care for clinically complex patients. The Center offers expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment to care for individuals with special needs, including those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and tracheotomies, neurodegenerative conditions such as Huntington’s disease, congestive heart failure and chronic wounds.

“This program reinforces our mission of meeting our patients’ medical,rehabilitation, social and emotional needs,” said Apex Administrator Vicky Shaw, LNHA. “It provides our patients with greater comfort, convenience and safety, improves their health and enhances their quality of life.” For additional information, contact Apex at 631-592-6400

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